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NaNoWriMo Day WTF

November 7, 2005

I have stalled. I feel like the story sucks (despite positive feedback!) and am sabotaging myself. Trying to get back on track, I have flung another 350 words of monkey poo at this insane venture, now in its second chapter.
(More below).

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NaNoWriMo Day 3

November 3, 2005

I am now up to 1789 words. Which means I am basically two days behind the pace.
I think I have completed my first chapter. I went through and added some text to what I had already written, so I am just posting the whole thing in the extended entry.
Glad to hear any feedback, positive or negative.

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NaNoWriMo 2

November 2, 2005

Ouch. Only 354 words tonight. I’ll need to do some major typing in the next couple of days to get back on pace. Chapter One (started yesterday) continues below the fold:

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November 1, 2005

NaNoWriMo, or the National Novel Writing Month, has started.
For some insane reason, I thought I would give it a go this year. Fifty thousand words in thirty days? Ha! Piece of pie. Easy as cake. (ed. – avoid cliches, especially getting them wrong).
Actually, I have had a juvenile science fiction novel bouncing around inside my brain for a few months. It will definitely show influences of Heinlein and Kim Stanley Robinson, though I hope it has some of my voice, too. I’ve sketched out a few (three) main character treatments, and written a very rough plot outline, so I’m hoping the thing will write itself. (Ha!)
I posted a dialogue exercise from the pre-novel here a while ago. I probably won’t be able to use that, as the “rules” require new prose. I may have to bend the rules a bit, though, since that conversation never went anywhere and I never wrote more than a couple of hundred words.
Even though the goal is a 50,000 word novel(la) by the end of the month, I may write more or less. I’m just trying to write every day, though.
If you want, you can check out the first 982 words of the next great American juvenile science fiction novel below the fold. I will accept constructive criticism, and look forward to suggestions about naming the thing (Jake’s first name is based on my dog’s name, and the last name pays tribute to the Swiss Family Robinson, Robinson Caruso, and the author of one of the best Martian SF trilogies ever written, Kim Stanley Robinson).

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