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Life’s Too Short

January 31, 2005

Recently, Random’s thoughts about his girl child’s fourth birthday prompted me to muse about the passage of time.
Michele Catalano recently posted some similar thoughts of her own on the subject.
Last night, I found this video of a hilarious (but unaired) XBOX ad that really encapsulates the feeling I’ve been having recently. (Via New Links).


Appropriate Heinlein Quote

January 31, 2005

I found a perfect Heinlein quote for the coming month, to mark the momentous Iraqi elections yesterday:

Democracy is a poor system; the only thing that can be said for it is that it’s eight times as good as any other method. Its worst fault is that its leaders reflect their constituents–a low level, but what can you expect?

From Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land.

Sunday Aircraft Cheesecake (Arado Ar 232)

January 30, 2005

This week’s serving is the interesting, but ultimately unsuccessful, German WWII transport aircraft, the Arado Ar 232 Tausendfuessler “Tatzelwurm” (i.e., “Millipede”).
It came in two variants, the Ar 232A, which was powered by 2 BMW 801 engines, and the Ar 232 B, powered by 4 BMW-Bramo 323 R-2 engines. The plane had a normal “tricycle” landing gear for landings on well-paved airfields. However, the landing gear could be “broken,” to lower the plane onto the 22 belly wheels, from which the plane derived its nickname. This allowed the cargo ramp to be extended at a smaller angle from the rear of the cargo bay. The belly wheels also allowed for additional support when landing on rough surfaces. Amazingly, even when fully loaded with a 16-metric-ton cargo, the plane could take off in 200 meters (shorter with rocket-assisted takeoff).
Here’s the “A” in flight:
Ar 232A in Flight.jpg
A nice shot of the “Millipede” landing gear on an “A”:
And a different view of the landing gear on a “B”:

They Voted!

January 30, 2005

I didn’t really doubt that the Iraqis would vote in high numbers today, but it’s nice to see the people of Iraq put the lie to the “vote and die” meme spread by the MSM and their hack political cartoonists.
Tim Blair seems to have the best roundup of links to positive and negative coverage. I like Scrappleface’s take on the event, too.
Some faces of freedom in the extended entry:

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Irony Alert

January 27, 2005

Recently, a Texas lawmaker introduced a bill that would require Texas school districts to include the body mass index of pupils as part of their regular report cards.
I’m sorry, but parents should know if their kids are fat (or “husky”) without the school districts telling them so. And, frankly, Texas schools have a lot more to worry about than the BMI of their students.
As to the irony (pointed out by Texan Munuvian Ilyka): check out the apparent BMI issues of the legislator (legislatrix?) who introduced the bill.
(This lady has also introduced a bill requiring development of lactation education programs for elementary and secondary schools’ science curricula. Hello? Why do those kids need to learn about lactation in elementary school?).

Nostalgia Unlimited

January 27, 2005

Graham at Point2Point points out this archive of colorful illustrations from the 1940s and 1950s. Looks like the kind of place where Lileks would feel right at home.

Auschwitz +60

January 27, 2005

Kathy the Cake Eater has a thoughtful and thought-provoking post on the sixtieth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz today.

Superbowl Cupcake Recipe

January 26, 2005

Not entirely safe for work.
Via Dave Barry’s blog, here’s a recipe for Janet Jackson Breast Cupcakes.

Happy Australia Day

January 26, 2005

Today is [was?] Australia Day. Cheers to Alan, Pixy, Yobbo, and other friends down under. I hope you all enjoyed your lamb.
Update: Looks like Random beat me to the punch this morning. While I’m updating, I’ll pass this along to Yobbo as an Australia Day gift.

SF Babe Poll (Dr Who Companions)

January 25, 2005

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback to help nominate this week’s candidates. To reward your participation, I am going to change the original terms of the poll a bit. Instead of limiting it to four candidates, this week’s poll will be a five-way contest, to accommodate the candidates who received more than one recommendation.
Without further ado, this week’s contestants:
Perpugilliam “Peri” Brown (portrayed by Nicola Bryant):
Leela (portrayed by Louise Jameson):
Romana II (portrayed by Lalla Ward):
Rose Tyler (portrayed by Billie Piper) – the newest sidekick, and one whose name seems to be a delightful play on “Tyler Rose,” which Texans should recognize (since the town of Tyler, Texas is famous for its roses, which are often sold by drifters and cultists at various traffic intersections):
And last but far from least, Zoe (portrayed by Wendy Padbury):
Update: Welcome, Instapundit readers! Please feel free to make yourselves at home here. Please also check out some of the fine bloggers you may not be familiar with in my blogrolls to the right.
Be sure to check out the Gallery of previous SF Babe poll winners, and be assured that I am keeping track of your recommendations for future candidates. I update the poll weekly, and plan to have some “best of” polls pitting the winners against one another. The permanent link for the poll is Thanks!
Results (Posted 1 February 2005):
Peri – 62 of 318 votes (19%)
Leela – 107 of 318 votes (34%) WINNER
Romana II – 41 of 318 votes (13%)
Rose – 41 of 318 votes (13%)
Zoe – 67 of 318 votes (21%)