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You Might Be A Redneck…

March 30, 2006

Too lazy to write anything, so here’s another video from Google:

Music Video: Asperges Me – Kyrie Cantico Cybernetico

March 29, 2006

Reminds me of a hybrid between Kraftwerk and Cirque du Soleil. Very interesting. And check out the real Mellotron.

Rahman Situation

March 26, 2006

Velociman has the right idea.

Sunday Aircraft Cheesecake (F-14 Tomcat)

March 26, 2006

(Images found here and here).
After more than 30 years of distinguished service to the US Navy, the last two squadrons of F-14 Tomcats ended their final combat deployments about two weeks ago. A couple of nice articles about this milestone event can be found here and here.
Check out this nice tribute video, too:

Q: Why is this awesome war machine being retired without (according to many) an adequate replacement (the Super Hornet lacks the range and power of the F-14)?
A: Maintenance expenses and age (the two are related).
Check out this comment from a former jet mechanic, giving a hint of the issues he (and other mechs) would face. Note also his love for the plane:

Posted Thu 16 March 2006 16:17
Thu 16 March 2006 16:17
As a retired Jet Mech. (AD1), last serving with the Tophatters of VF-14 at NAS Oceana in 1995, I am left with a sentimental lump in my throat as an era of Naval Aviation comes to a close. As labor intensive as they were, it was a proud sight and feeling to witness the awesome vibration and thunder on the TF-30 turbofans as the throttles were advanced to zone five behind the JBD’s. Call it a labor of love I supose but intense it was. It was a nightmare for the hazmat P.O. trying to keep up with the constant mess of leaking hydraulic fluid and JP-5 under the engines forward fixed cowlings. As physics would prove, anything that was that fast and could turn on a dime and endured massive G- forces would naturally leak fluid from somewhere. A chapter in Naval Aviation to be admired and cherished for many years to come. Good-bye my friend!!

South Park – The Return of Chef

March 22, 2006

Oh my. Nicely done.
Anyone else want to take the hint and Google-bomb “that fruity little club“?

Cool Juggling Routine

March 21, 2006

Check out this very cool video making the rounds on the Internet in which comedian Chris Bliss closes his routine juggling to the strains of the Beatles’ “The End” (one of my favorite Beatles songs):

Here’s the story behind the routine.
Some excerpts to whet your appetite:

First I discover my art, and now I have found my soulmate. Could the signs be any clearer? Oh, sure, a more objective view might be that I’d dropped out of college to be a juggler, and been picked up by a crazy woman in a bar. On dimer night.
Within six months the band broke up. I should’ve seen it coming the night the flute player asked me to help tie him off. If the woodwinds are shooting smack, you can imagine the bass player’s problems.
The only part of the whole ride not based in delusion was, of all things, my juggling. It turned out I’d stumbled onto a concert promoter’s dream opening act. No set-up or sound check, and if they threw things at the stage, I’d catch them.
I worked with Kenny Loggins, Duran Duran a couple times. I opened for Clapton once. I did an arena tour with the so-called supergroup Asia.
I was even on the Midnight Special on NBC – remember that show, with Wolfman Jack? I still remember the Wolfman’s intro – “Whoever said a picture was worth a thousand words was talking about Chris y’know.”
And then in 1984, unbelievably, I was asked to be the opening act for Michael Jackson and his brothers on the Victory Tour, the most hyped tour of the decade.
Between me and Michael, we sold over 3 million tickets. And when it was over, I’d actually become the world’s most famous juggler.

Funny guy. And I like the musicality of his juggling.

Sunday Aircraft Cheesecake (F-22 Raptor)

March 19, 2006

The F-22 Raptor (all images via FAS):
F-22 Front Angle.jpg

Blogging Blahs

March 15, 2006

Is it spring fever?
I’m gonna go watch some TV.

I’d Rather Have A Bottle in Front of Me…

March 13, 2006

Than to have a frontal lobotomy:
(Via Velociman).

Health Update

March 13, 2006

To everyone who wrote (in comments or email) about the health of my daughter, I thank you.
She is perfectly healthy and bounced back from the exploratory surgery in an amazing way. Her first words upon coming back from general anesthesia were, “Can I see the pictures of the inside of my body?”
Maybe she has a future in medicine, or at least in science (she currently wants to be a paleontologist). My family has many more doctors than lawyers, so that would be appropriate.
Her surgeon basically said that we don’t need to worry if she has another bleeding episode, unless it happens more frequently, in greater force, or with new symptoms. We would have liked a somewhat more definitive answer, but being told that your child is in perfect health is never a bad thing.
Thanks again.