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Don’t Worry, Help Kerry Poppins Is On The Way

July 29, 2004

Kerry almost lost me tonight with his “reporting for duty” salute. So I blew off the tedious family tributes to go walk the dog. I would rather watch my dog produce sh_t than listen to John Kerry’s sh_t.
A short while after tuning back in, I picked up the vibe that we are in dire straits. We need help. Forget W and his corporate puppet-masters, we need help: “America can do better, and help is on the way.”
Heh. Don’t worry. We’re from the government and we’re here to help you.
Inspiration struck. What we need is a nanny. A nanny with a funny-talking sidekick:
Update: On a similar wavelength:
“Ok, so if we elect Kerry-Edwards, people will never have any bills to pay, we won’t have to work long hours ever again, and there will be no more dangerous wars? And I suppose everyone gets a pony, too?”The Poliblogger, via Wizbang.


Very Baddiwad My Droogies

July 29, 2004

O my brothers, have you got a malenky malchick or devotchka who likes the old in-out in-out, like lubbilubbing? Are you tired of the like sarky chumble of the little bratchnys? Do the little kiddie widdies have any problems with drugs or are they puffing like on the cancers?
Hear me now, o my brothers: A real like horror show place for pee and em to send them off to. Not a Staja, but better.
Now if you don’t mind, it’s time to slosshy some Ludwig van Carlos, my droogies.
(Hat tip: Hit and Run).
P.S. Having problems remembering your Nadsat? Here’s a glossary.

Frodo Bogart

July 28, 2004

This represents the best argument I think I have ever seen for a vibrant public domain. It technically infringes the trademarks and copyrights of Warner Bros and the Tolkien estate, at a minimum. But who cares?
Humphrey Bogart as Frodo Baggins in a brilliant 9-minute rendition of The Lord of the Rings. Particularly inspired — Peter Lorre as Gollum at around 6:30 into the film.
I bet even Robert the Llamabutcher would enjoy this.
Hat tip: Chalybeous.

All Systems Check T-Minus 59 Days

July 28, 2004

It’s official.
The Scaled Composites team yesterday gave their 60-day notice to the X-Prize Foundation that they will make an official attempt at the X-Prize: two flights into space within a two-week period carrying two passengers (or the weight equivalent of two passengers).
That means the first flight could take off at least as early as September 29 and the second flight no later than 14 days later than the first.
The Canadian Da Vinci team also announced that they will roll out their balloon-lofted launch vehicle next week. No official announcement of an attempt at the prize by them yet.
“Technology high. . . on the leading edge of life.”
Very cool. More details to follow.

Channeling Lileks

July 28, 2004

A great photojournal of a June 1968 trip to Disneyland.
Hat tip: BoingBoing.

Waffles Galore

July 28, 2004

Do you like waffles? I like waffles. Mmmm. Good.
Wafflers? Nope.
Here is an extensive video showing the gradual deterioration of John Kerry from being a legitimate war hero candidate to just another pacifist has-been tool ready to surrender to the jihadists.

Lucky 13

July 28, 2004

Yesterday was the thirteenth anniversary of my marriage to my lovely wife. Hence, the lack of blogging last night.
We go out to dinner a fair amount, but almost never see first-run movies, so we went to see The Bourne Supremacy. Two thumbs way up.
We both read all of Ludlum’s Bourne books about 15 years ago, and recently checked out The Bourne Identity on video.
We have been pleasantly surprised by both movies. Matt Damon fits our mental image of Jason Bourne, and even though we have forgotten all of the finer plot details (from which I understand the movies depart in some key ways) the overall characters and settings fit our memories of the books.
Now, where is that Amazon wish list. . . ?

Reagan Feedback

July 26, 2004

Well, the voice of Reagan in his prime appears to be propagating into cyberspace nicely, thanks to the efforts of Timothy Sandefur (who I think was the first to link to it), Virginia Postrel, Stephen Macklin, both Llama Butchers, Southern Appeal, and Chris Berg.
I appreciate the traffic, but I love the thought of Reagan’s message spreading to a wider audience than the AMA originally intended even more.
While turning back socialism may seem a Sisyphean task, Reagan and Thatcher both showed it could be done. This 40-year old recording is still relevant today. Medicare persists, and President Bush recently expanded it in an astonishing abandonment of “conservative” principles. As Stephen Macklin points out in his comments linked above, Kerry offers an even worse alternative with his health care plan. People who believe that the national government should not interfere with the doctor-patient relationship need to write their Senators and Representative, following the advice spelled out by Reagan here.
Thanks again!

Armstrong Rides Into History

July 25, 2004

Texan Lance Armstrong has won a record sixth Tour de France.
No point in my linking many stories, since you can Google “Lance Armstrong” as easily as I. Here’s a decent one to get you started.
In a game of six degrees of Lance Armstrong, I would come in at only one degree of separation, as I bought my current bike from Jim Hoyt at the Richardson Bike Mart just a couple of miles from here. Jim sold Lance his first bike, and got Lance into racing back in 1987.
A big Texas yee-haw goes out to Lance!

LEGO Millennium Falcon

July 24, 2004

LEGO has re-issued an updated model of one of the most popular SF ships of all time, the Millennium Falcon. A few years ago, LEGO mostly discontinued selling their first version of the Millennium Falcon, leading to much dismay in our household (I had promised it for Christmas, but it was gone from the stores before we could get it, and was then unavailable online — grrr).
I’m not planning to repeat that mistake this time around.
Still, it’s nice to know that several people have developed their own versions of the Millennium Falcon, so we could always do the same (and probably will — my elder son wants to use this latest model to help make the Ebon Hawk, the ship from Knights of the Old Republic).