This blog has existed in two previous incarnations, first at Blog*Spot, then at Munuviana. They still exist out there, literal ghosts in the machine.

What does the name mean? Well, music plays a really important part in my life (and on my blog). Born in 1968, I came of age musically during the heyday of 80s rock. One of my favorite hard rock stations during these formative years was Q102, “Texas’ Best Rock.”

At about the same time, I was acquiring a taste for “hard” science fiction, and I began to work my way through Robert Heinlein’s juvenile fiction. I soon graduated to Heinlein’s master works such as The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Stranger in a Strange Land.

As most net-geeks probably know, the word “grok” is a Martian word from Stranger in a Strange Land and means literally “to drink” and more figuratively “to become one with.” Its many senses include understanding, fully comprehending, intuiting, empathizing, and so on.

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