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Essential SF Movies

April 30, 2004

Over at SFSignal, JP is looking for a list of movies that every wannabe SF fan should see. His first list contained 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, and the Matrix. Predictably the comments soon lost sight of JP’s initial criteria and turned into “my favorite SF movies of all time are . . .”
As a result, JP is seeking to define a list of “Essential SF Movies,” but this time broken into subcategories:
1. Newbie friendly
2. Must be seen
3. Hidden gems
[4. – Optional -for compleatists only]

Let’s see if we can help him out. See extended entry. . .

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More Heroes

April 30, 2004

You know, when I blogged about Fabrizio Quattrocchi, I felt a little guilty singling out his heroism, when I knew that there were many stories of individual courage and honor left untold. I suppose that I, as a civilian (without military background) was moved by how Quattrocchi, a civilian, had met his death like a man — the way I hope I would in similar circumstances — a brave and defiant man.
Like many of us, I suppose I expect our military to be brave and honorable, so I inadvertently take the stories of individual military heroism for granted.
I’m glad that Ted points us to this moving story of the actions of several individuals, each heroic in their own way, to honor fallen hero PFC Chance Phelps, USMC.
I love Western civilization, and we owe its existence to the kinds of sacrifices that men like PFC Phelps have made on our behalf over the last 230 years. We should not and cannot take that for granted.

Who Are the Britons?

April 28, 2004

Cue Graham Chapman voice: “We are all Britons. . . ”
At least those of us who like fish and chips and roast beef with Yorkshire pudding.
Guess that makes me British, too, tho’ my Scots blood rebels at the notion.
I also like tea (I’m a teasipper, after all) and sausage-and-egg breakfasts.

That Was Me With “Halo”

April 28, 2004

Today’s Get Fuzzy (one of my favorite comic strips) displays the effects of video game addiction.
While Rob is playing Rugby in the strip, that was me with Halo just a few months ago.
Hmm. Wonder if there’s a Rugby game for Xbox? Yes. (Thanks, Amazon). Maybe I’ll have to check that out.

Facehugger Toy

April 27, 2004

I’ve seen this charming toy at several sites, but most recently at the Llama Butchers’ place.

Princess Bride Quiz

April 26, 2004

Westley / The Dread Pirate Roberts

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

One For Mr Mouse

April 25, 2004

I like Jalapeno Jack, Camembert, and Blue Cheese.
Velveeta is best for Chile con queso.
White cheddar’s good, too.
I wonder if Mister Mouse knows about this? (Seems too obvious, I know)

First Rocket Shoot

April 25, 2004

Here’s one that should warm Ted’s heart.
Today, my elder son’s Webelos den met at a local park to shoot off rockets that they had built last week. This was my son’s first rocket to build and today was his first rocket launch.
The weather was perfect, except for a slightly stronger wind than ideal. Sunny, temps in the mid-70s.
The rockets that the boys built were simple little A-engine no-parachute numbers. Several didn’t go very high, and a few exploded when the engine’s parachute charge went off, but my son’s survived all four launches (and crash landings!) intact.
I’ve included some pictures in the extended entry.

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Rough Day

April 22, 2004

I usually make it a point not to blog about work. It just seems like the safest policy. And in any case, I almost always leave my work entirely at the office. Also, other people make law more interesting for people to read, so I focus on the random minutiae of my life.
Today, though, “work” followed me home in the sense that I have been burdened by ongoing personnel issues. I can control my work and its quality, but I can’t control the actions and reactions between and among my coworkers and subordinates.
I hope someday to be General Counsel where I work, but after a day like today, I wonder if I have what it takes to manage people.
Now, back to regularly-scheduled programming. . .

Imperial Star Destroyer For Sale

April 21, 2004

Check it out.
Not to be even more of a geek, but I think they have the scale wrong. That ship is way too small for 4″ action figures’ scale.
And anyway, I thought Darth Vader’s flagship was the Super Star Destroyer Executor (not that I troll Star Wars websites).