Photos From the Front

October 12, 2004

I’ve seen these WWI color photos in a couple spots now (most recently at Point2Point).
I linked to a similar collection, along with links to descriptions of the color photography (“autochrome”) process back at the end of March.
As I pointed out in that post, lest we think of the autochrome process as “primitive,” the method of taking three greyscale pictures with three colored filters and then projecting the images through colored lenses is essentially the same technique used by the Mars Exploration Rovers to create color images today.


One Response to “Photos From the Front”

  1. Show Trial #14

    Like Comrade Vyshinksy, The Commissar condemns these “contemptible adventurers, trying with muddy feet to trample the sweet-smelling flowers in our socialist cyber-garden.” * B. Minich, for singing along with Rush. Miss O’Hara, for glorifying imperiali…

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